About Me

Welcome to my blog! As an aspiring young adult author, I’ve found myself often feeling discouraged and that my dream of a debut novel is farther than I ever thought.

Researching authors’ success stories helped a little. Learning that J.K. Rowling received many rejections before publishing Harry Potter, that some authors almost gave up writing what would be their best selling novel at one point. But all these facts come out after the author has made it through the storm of their life.

I aim to provide readers and writers with a first hand personal ‘live’ account of my journey to publication as it’s happening to me. I want to be as candid as possible about my successes and my failures along the way.

Nobody ever said becoming an author would be easy but nobody wants to really detail the hard parts either.

Along the way, I’ll also be doling out writing and querying tips (from what I’ve learned so far).

Like literally every other writer, I started writing stories at a very young age. I fell in love with YA books and never outgrew them! I studied English literature and creative writing at Western Illinois University and then completed my Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing-Fiction at a university in Indiana.

Over the years I’ve won numerous awards for my writing and I’ve published several short stories, flash fiction and poems. I’ve completed two YA manuscripts so far and am currently querying the second.

Follow me on the road to publication!

Twitter: @julianawroteit
Instagram: @jeweliana
Facebook: Juliana Goodman