25 Facts About Me<3

Hey everybody! I saw someone else do this ‘tag’ and thought I’d join in on the fun. I’m sort of failing at blogmas I’ll try to keep up!

1. I just turned 27 years old in November and I feel like time moves way too fast!

2. I have a ten year old staffordshire bull terrier mix named Artie Partie who is the sweetest and best looking dog you’ll ever meet. He’s the only dog I know personally with his own yellow raincoat!

3. I love rain. Dark and gloomy days are my favorite. I especially love the rain now because I get a chance to put Artie in his adorable little raincoat.

4. Hate the morning, Love the night. Normally I stay up til at least 2 or 3am and my preferred wake up time is between 10am-12n. But now that I’ve moved back home, everybody in my house gets up early so I’ve had to change my sleeping schedule because I get woken up at the buttcrack of dawn anyway.

5. I majored in english lit in undergrad with a minor in creative writing. Also just completed my MFA in creative writing this past May. I’ve been a student pretty much all my life. Some parts were really fun but I am DONE with school forever!

6. My favorite comfort food is my homemade buffalo chicken dip. I bought a slow cooker awhile ago and omg it’s the best thing ever. I also LOVE pizza. I’ve tried just about every frozen brand there is.

7. I’m 5’10. Hard to tell in my photo but I’m almost always the tall person in the room.

8. I hate pie but I love Patti Labelle’s sweet potato pie. and ONLY Patti’s pies.

9. I’ve been writing stories as long as I can remember. The first one that I can remember was in first grade. It was about my grandparents going on a road trip to a circus.

10. I’ve been reading just as long, too. My mom would take me and my sister to the library and we would get tons of books to read, especially in the summer when we had nothing to do.

11. I NEVER reread books. There’s just no time. All these amazing authors are pumping out new books every day, I don’t care how good the book was, I won’t read it again. Which is why I sell most of the books I purchase.

12. Interlibrary loan is life! That’s how I get my books now. The fortune you’d have to spend to purchase every book you wanted to read is just crazy. Maybe I’d buy more if I was rich, but even then, they’d just be sitting on my bookshelf collecting dust after I read them. What a waste.

13. Besides my ears, I have two piercings, my nose and my belly button. Got them both done in college.

14. Hardcore introvert. I’m not socially challenged but I prefer to hang out by myself most of the time. Went out a lot during college but my wild and crazy party days are behind me!

15. I prefer to wear men’s deodorant. Have you smelled Irish Spring? I just put some on so i can smell irish springy when I go to bed shortly!

16. I don’t read adult books. I have for school, obviously, but in my free time you will probably never see me pick up a book that isn’t YA.

17. My dream is to be a best-selling author and win at least one National Book Award in my career

18. So far, I’ve written two young adults novels.

19. I love bingeing shows on Netflix. Currently on Grey’s Anatomy. I had never seen it so I’ve been watching the series from the beginning starting like two months ago. Still not finished!

20. Some of my favorite places are: my bed, the library, Victoria’s Secret PINK, the chip aisle at the grocery store, the shower.

21. I wake up around 2:30am every night unless I take a sleep aid

22. I’m a very light sleeper which sucks because I like sleep and have trouble getting enough

23. My favorite movie is Titanic. I own it on DVD but whenever it comes on TV, I HAVE TO WATCH IT. It will never get old to me.

24. I’m a horror movie buff. Some of my favorites are Candyman, A Nightmare on Elm Street and The Conjuring.

25. My favorite song right now is “I Don’t Know” by Vivian Green. Super catchy!

Welp, there’s 25 facts about me! What do we have in common?

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