My Day of Writing= Epic FAIL!

I’m calling it a day. Even though I’m motivated to write, today was an epic fail. Novel #3 started off really good but it’s just…oh god, I don’t even know wtf I wrote today.

I didn’t get as much down as I was each day for Novel #2 and that kinda sucked. I don’t set page goals each day, I mostly just try to write a full work day. Now, I did sit at my laptop for the entire day, so there’s that. Although, true, I was not actively writing the entire time.

I checked twitter, watched a little Vampire Diaries, googled how to help writer’s block (even though I’ve googled this 20 million times already), and ordered some books from the library.

So the big question, what went wrong today?

I have a few theories!

1. Novel ideas are too similar
There are some major differences in genre and plot and the amount of characters but maybe that’s not enough. Both novels feature female leads trying to escape a bad place.

Now, you have plenty of authors who write the same story twenty different ways. For example, Nicola Yoon’s Everything, Everything and The Sun is Also a Star. Both feature young black female MC’s who fall in love with boys of a different race.

Now, both of those books did very well in sales, so I’m not saying having stories with similar themes is a bad thing. On the contrary, tons of writers make careers doing that.

But I don’t think it works for my writing process. I’m ready to tackle something completely different.

2. I didn’t plan any of this

I don’t like to plan my novel out all the way but as I learned with novel #1, just winging it leads to 20,000 different plot points and a gigantic mess of a first draft that is too irritating for me to even attempt to revise.

Still, I couldn’t decide on what I wanted to happen with novel #3. I thought, Oh, I’ll just write until I figure it out. Which of course didn’t work. I felt the story going waaaaaaaayyy out there where it had no business being.

Yeah, I could have kept going, writing aimlessly with no drive or purpose. But clearly I’d just be creating an even bigger mess to fix later.

Plus, I wasn’t having any fun.

For the rest of the night, I’ll be reading, gathering some creative fuel since apparently I have nothing right now. Tomorrow will be a new day to write but I plan to start it off by PLANNING my story.

Here’s to tomorrow!

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