Returning to Writing After a Long Break

Today marked my semi-official return to writing since I started working. I’ve been doing the occasional blog post and journaling, even wrote a short story, but I haven’t really sat down to work on my novel in weeks.

As expected, my first day back was not as spectacular as I’d hoped. In my head, I saw myself easily slipping back into my old writing routine and busting out at least 6-10 pages today.


Instead, I returned to novel #3 and realized I wasn’t interested/invested in the story. So I started browsing my documents and came across an old short story of mine that I had always meant to turn into a novel. I had a lot of fun writing it and I was soooo invested in the story and the main character.

With 1/2 the day off work, I decided to sit down and get back to work on my old project, starting off with some research. I sat down at my desk, cracked open a green red bull (my writing juice) and got down to work.

Not even 30 minutes later, I get a call asking me to come back into work. I didn’t really feel like going back up there but I can’t say no to extra hours so I went.

By the time I got home again, I had to make dinner. After I ate, I figured, okay, it’s dark out but I can still get a little writing in!

Nope again.

I did a read through of the 25 pages I have so far and I felt my eyelids getting droopy. In grad school, I was a night owl and did most of my writing between 8pm-2am. But now that I work mornings, I start to get tired between 9pm-11pm. No, the red bull doesn’t help, I only drink it for the taste/tradition.

Now, I could certainly force myself to power through and write for an hour or so but I can tell my brain is not in optimum creative mode. It’s buffering like a Netflix show which means anything else I write tonight will most likely be garbagio that I’ll have to delete later anyway.

But I still look at my return to writing as a success! I did a read through of the manuscript so far, figured out what the two main plot arcs will be and I edited a few pages.

It’s not a lot, but it’s something and that’s what matters.

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