An Argument Over $10 Changed My Attitude + Being Poor Again

If you all remember, I have spent the majority of my time since graduating with my masters in May of 2017 being broke AF.

I searched for jobs and couldn’t find anything. Not having a license/car and living in one of the shittiest neighborhoods in the goddamn county, it shouldn’t have been a surprise that I spent so much time unemployed.

It was a terrible time but then I got called back for an interview for a seasonal receptionist position. Located a mere 8min walk from my house!

Fast forward 2 months, my job has been great. It’s one of my favorite jobs I’ve ever had (despite being paid minimum wage) because my coworkers feel like family and we all work together really well.

I was getting lots of hours and even though I’m still far below the poverty line, I can afford to buy things I need and want.

And now it’s over.

Long story short, our manager is very scatterbrained, not good at her job. But I let it pass because I was getting the hours I needed. I knew from jump the job would end in April but I look at the schedule today and I have 9 hours for the week. NINE.

So I ask the manager about it and it was clear she had no concrete reasoning behind the schedule. She didn’t even recall making the schedule or why she did it like that but she refused to change it.

Mind you, I’ve been the manager’s right hand since I started working here. I’ve even covered one of HER shifts on my day off. I felt myself getting really pissed off and then it hit me.


I don’t give a fuck about this job, I don’t give a fuck about the hours I’m missing, I don’t give af about a pointless argument over something I don’t even like doing.

I am not a receptionist. I’m a writer. No matter what crappy jobs I have to work until I get where I want to be.

I’m an author. I write stories. That’s what I’m here to do.

I do wholeheartedly believe that a manager doing their job would have been able to tell their employees at least a few weeks in advance “hey, nobody’s going to be working for the next five weeks so prepare to find another job” but alas, I’m finding out literally the week of.

But it’s okay because this was the push I needed to refocus on my goals. Now that I’m essentially not working, I’ll be job hunting and WRITING. Even though I wasn’t overly excited yesterday, my upcoming publication is definitely something to be proud of!

I’m having an argument over 10 dollars, I had to remind myself: Juliana, you sat down at your desk a few weeks ago and drafted a full 20 page short story in just a few hours. And you’re being paid for it. You can make money for making up stories!

It’s not enough to quit my job exactly but how many people get to make money doing what they love? I had FUN writing that story. It wasn’t work to me at all. So I’m done being pressed over insignificant things.

And now for my shameless plug, Thursday March 1st, Fiyah Literary Magazine drops their issue 6 cover and table of contents(that I’m in!). I’ll post a link when it drops and I hope you’ll all support my work when the issue is released!

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