UPDATE: I got a Full Manuscript Request from an Agent!

That’s right, I FINALLY got some good news: a full manuscript request from an agent.

I won a query critique on Twitter and after giving me some feedback on my sample and letter, the agent asked to see the full manuscript.

But I haven’t sent the manuscript to her just yet. If you remember from my last blog, I’m in the midst of revision #73 after another query crtique I receieved.

I know that feeling of being contacted by an agent and having an unfinished project. The last time it happened, I was frantic just to finish the story and I didn’t do any revisions.

I received a lot of fulls but no agents took me on. As heartbreaking as it was, that experience taught me to be patient and take my time.

Now, if you’re querying agents, you should have a full manuscript ready to go otherwise wtf are you doing? But in my case, I wasn’t actually querying and technically I do have a good polished draft of the manuscript ready to go, I just know I can make the story even better and I want to send out the new version.

I tried to work on the manuscript today and it just wasn’t a good writing day for me. I had a skype interview, people in the house were up being loud, I had a terrible pain in my neck and I was just all over the place trying to add scenes.

My plan for the rest of today is to take some time off and focus on reading. I’m reading Tyler Johnson Was Here and because it deals with the same subject matter, I know this book will help me figure out what’s going right and what’s going wrong in my own manuscript.

I hope to have another polished draft by the end of the week or next week but I learned my lesson last time. I’ll take as much time as I need to produce the best work possible.

I’ve also learned not to put all your eggs in one basket. Because of the damn near radio silence I’ve heard from the agents I submitted to, I’m honestly not all that excited about an agent wanting to read my work because statistically speaking, most full requests don’t end up with the author getting an offer.

Do I want an agent? Hell yes. But I’m done being upset anytime one decides to pass. That’s their loss.

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