You read that right, another agent (one I queried in my last round) asked to see my full manuscript today!

I know in my previous post I said I wasn’t going to get my hopes up because I’ve had several fulls out with my last manuscript before and none of them ended with me securing an agent.

But this is different. This is like serendipity or some shit!

So yes, I AM EXCITED AS HELL. I’m confident in my writing, I’m confident in my story, I’m confident that there are people out there who will see that my novel is one we need in the Young Adult world right now.

I don’t know if I’ll get an offer of representation this time around, but I’m still proud of myself. Even though I’ve been writing stories since the first grade, I didn’t write my first novel until April 2017. I wrote the second novel in November 2017.

It hasn’t even been a full year since I entered the world of publishing and queries and I’ve already written two novels and received full requests from agents on both. Now I know I’m doing something right!

But I don’t have time to sit back and relax just yet. Last night I finished my third and final round of revisions. The story was polished when I sent it out of course but I realized I was missing some key scenes so I went through and plugged those in.

Again, that’s why I called it serendipity. I was revising from 10am to 11pm yesterday and I just happen to get a full request the next morning? YES! I had honestly given up on my last round of queries but maybe that was a little premature.

Even so, I was definitely past the ‘hear back by’ date for most of the agents I submitted to. Even the ones who said they would definitely get back to all queries whether it was a rejection or not, didn’t get back to me.

So I’ve got a brand new list of about 20 agents I’m planning to submit to. Now that I have a few fulls, I definitely don’t have plan on querying all these agents, maybe another ten or so just so I have some options in case I do get an offer.

Once I get those queries out, I’m going to compile a list of question to ask agents should I receive an offer. I had a list ready to go before but now I want to make sure I’m covering all the basics.

One of my top concerns is the rash of YA books by black authors that appear to be either unedited or very sloppily edited. I’ve read articles and threads on Twitter that discuss how a lot of debut authors are pushed into getting their work out very quickly because of the timely subject matter, even if the work isn’t ready or has typos, plot holes, etc.

Some agents also fail to consider an entire career path for their authors. They’re set on selling that one book and when the debut falls somewhat flat, the author’s just kind of stuck.

I know some people say the sophomore novel or even the ‘junior’ novel are what’s important, that they can get people interested in buying your earlier work. But I want my debut to be everything I imagined and I want a strong team of people behind me who believe in my book and all the other books I plan to write in my career as well.

I know I’m gonna get there!

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