I Got a THIRD Full Request! + A Partial Request + Agent Says My Manuscript isn’t ready

Happy Tuesday, all! Yesterday I was so excited to receive my THIRD FULL MANUSCRIPT REQUEST!!!

Then today, as I was writing this blog post, I received a partial request from another agent!

A mere 30 minutes before I received the full request, though, I got a rejection from an agent. It read in part:

In my opinion, the manuscript is not yet ready to be considered. Don’t give up; there are plenty of literary agents out there who may feel differently.”

Now, this being my second or third round of queries, I’m no stranger to rejection. I don’t get upset because an agent decides the story isn’t a fit for them. Whatever.

But I definitely paused on the part about the manuscript not being ready.

To me, a manuscript isn’t ready to be considered if it’s not finished, not proofread or it doesn’t make any sense. My manuscript has been revised 4 or 5 times. I don’t think a book can ever be perfect but it’s a very clean and polished draft.

Not to mention, I have three fulls and a partial out right now, so how is it not ready but people want to read it? Now they might decide to pass on me, but I feel that such a big statement should come with some concrete evidence.

Mind you, this agent read 20 pages and a synopsis. You haven’t read the full manuscript to truly say it isn’t ready but still, what about it makes you think it’s not ready? If you’re going to give me partially personalized rejection, how about something more specific that I could use for revisions if I needed to?

But that’s neither here nor there. Generally, the agents who have had a full of my first manuscript before did give me feedback on why they were passing. So if that should happen this time, hopefully I’ll get some revision advice from them.

Assuming I don’t get an agent this time around, I don’t know if I would resubmit to that agent, who did say she’d be open to looking at it again. I mean, you can’t be that interested in the story if you can’t take the time to tell me what problems you had with it.

So my plans now are to focus on reading more YA books for inspiration, writing my sample for the PhD applications this fall (UGH!) and possibly starting another writing project. It’s so hard because I’m honestly not sure what to write about next but it’ll be fun playing around with some new ideas!

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