After 4 Months, an Agent Responds

Today has been a very bad day. My depression took a severe nose dive and it hasn’t been pretty.

But to make matters worse, I finally got a response from an agent I queried back on January 10th. Her profile said she responds to all queries within 2 months and that if you don’t hear back, resend the query.

At 2 months, I hadn’t heard back so I queried again at the beginning of March. Today, basically 2 months after a requery, I get a fakking form rejection.

When I didn’t get a response after a week, I’d written the agent off. Sending a form was just insulting in my opinion given the length of time it had been. Like do you really think writers are sitting around waiting on a query after 4 months when your response time is supposedly two?

Just the crap whipped cream on top of a crap sundae of my life. smh.

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