I Found Inspiration for My Novel in a News Story

UPDATE: I haven’t heard back from any more agents so I’ve still got 5 fulls out.

I know this is a good thing but waiting can be intense. Especially since I keep failing to stay off Twitter. Today I came across a twitter pitch contestant who landed an agent and I was just like, tf.

Someone had requested a full before the pitch party even started and that was a big reason why I didn’t participate- I knew I was capable of getting fulls without sharing my story with the entire world.

I know that majority of the people who participated in the party didn’t land an agent but for those who did, it seemed kinda…fast. It makes one wonder where our manuscripts lay in que. Maybe seeing how much popularity a twitter pitch gets makes an agent want to read it quicker. Who knows?

What I do know is I need to take my mind off the waiting game and get back to writing. Lately, all of my stories have been falling flat. I haven’t been able to build up the motivation to finish a novel. Then I came across this crazy Inside Edition news story.

When I watched the video I said to myself, “Who would do some weird shit like this?!” Then I immediately thought of YA. YA would definitely have a love interest do some weird shit like this. I was already working on a love story and this was the exciting element, the hook that I needed to make it work.

Rather than go in blindly and start drafting only to get bored and stuck 50 pages in, I decided to try the Snowflake writing method: Snowflake Method

I essentially plotted out the entire novel and each character arc. I only did the first 3 steps even though there’s 10. That was just my personal preference, I’m not going to spend weeks plotting every single detail of a novel. I would be burned out by the time it came to write.

I started drafting the first chapter yesterday and it’s going okay, still easing into it and getting to know my characters. I’m excited to see where this one leads and what I’ll have down in the next 2 or 3 months!

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