Life Update: Career Change

I’m back! I tried to write a few posts in the time I was gone but I was afraid they were a little pessismistic. I spent a week at my sister’s helping with her new baby and it was a great experience. While I was there, I came across an article about a mother of 2 who walked away from her PhD program. It got me thinking about my own career goals and that maybe it was time to walk away from my original plan of pursuing a PhD in creative writing.

Crazy right? But not really. I’ve spent 7 years studying english and creative writing but as we all know, the job market sucks. There’s way more people with PhD’s than there are jobs to go around.

But that’s not the real reason I’m choosing to walk away. If you want something bad enough, the odds shouldn’t scare you. But academia isn’t really my dream. Writing is. Fiction writing for young adults.

I plan to keep writing of course but from what I’ve read, a PhD program, like an MFA program, doesn’t give you as much time to write as you’d think. So I’ve decided to pursue a career in healthcare.

I’m still working out the logistics of going back to school for a second masters, but if all goes according to plan, in 2 or 3 years I would be working in my field and fully able to support myself and live comfortably. I’ll also be helping people in a way that feels more important than teaching ever did for me.

Going from english lit to health care is a pretty big jump. It’s terrifying actually. But one thing I’ve learned in the awful year I’ve lived at home is that this shit isn’t working. Applying for adjunct positions and other jobs outside of my field isn’t getting me anywhere. When shit’s not working, you need to come up with a new plan.

It’ll be scary but this is what I want to do. It’s what I need to do in order to have a meaningful career that’s going to help me make my living.

Who knows? I might have to change my plans again if things don’t work out but maybe I’m finally getting it right this time. I’m being honest about what I do/don’t like and that’s going to help me decide what will make me happy in my life.

3 thoughts on “Life Update: Career Change

  1. I love you! This is amazing! I will never pursue a PhD, maybe a masters though, because I don’t have the patience ahah and I will probably end up working at my university like I am now for a decent salary, or who knows maybe at a publishing house, and academia isn’t my dream either. I’m so glad you’re back here, I’ve missed you. Keep us updated!!! I genuinely enjoy hearing about your life, Jew 🙂


    1. Yeah, 5+ years is a long time! A university job sounds great! I’m hoping to find work at a library for the time being but those jobs are also hard to come by. Thanks for your kind words, it’s good to know someone’s reading my blog! And lol @ the nickname. My real name is spelled Juliana, so ‘Ju’ works, too!


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