My New Job + Agent Rejection

I’m back! I know it’s been a few days but I’ve been so tired adjusting to my work schedule. It’s a 10min walk to the train station, a 40min train ride, another 10 minute walk to work. In the blazing sun. I sweat a lot so I have to change into my work clothes when I get to the building.

I have to go to bed much earlier than I’m used to so that cuts down on my free time for reading, writing and blogging. HOWEVER, the lack of free time also drives my creative muse. I’ve already come up with a killer opening for a new novel.

The job itself is okay but not fulfilling like writing. There’s a lot of paperwork and repetition. I honestly find myself getting frustrated because Idk what I’m doing half the time. I don’t feel like I have a specific role or place, so to speak. But I hope things will get into a groove after a couple weeks and that I’ll be happier once that direct deposit hits.

Back to writerly matter, I receieved rejection number:”who the fuck cares at this point?” when I got home from work. This agent said she didn’t feel my story was unique enough. In all my years of writing, I’ve never heard that before. Usually it’s the opposite. I don’t have too much trouble coming up with story ideas. And I pride myself on always bringing something new to the table.

I’m not upset because I think YA is probably the most corrupt literary genre of all time. How can it not be when you have adults in charge of what teens will ‘like’? YA is a lot different than it was when I was growing up. More diverse? Yes. Written for actual teens? Not even.

The reason I say this is because a lot of the responses I’ve received aren’t about my writing, it’s about the story. It really doesn’t make sense because if all agents believed in the things they said, YA would be a much better genre. I mean, saying a book isn’t unique enough for the market? How many books about royalty are out right now? What about dystopias? Insta-love? Drunk mommy daddy books? Things to do before I or my best friend dies bucket list books? Road trip books? Every now and then we get a gem that more or less goes unrecognized, but YA as a genre is recycling the same gd story lines over and over for the most part.

But I’m unfazed by writerly rejection at this stage. It may not be the right time for them, but I’m not giving up on any of my stories and I will constantly be writing more. What I am doing is removing any expectations from myself about publishing. IDK when I’ll be published but I do know it has more to do with the right timing than anything else.

So for now, I’m getting back to writing the way I like, about what I want and when I want. They want unique? Let’s do it.

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