I Got a Job (but I’m not happy)

Please don’t judge me, I’m about to be ungrateful af for a minute. So I felt like I had found the job of my dreams. The interview went better than any I’ve had in the past year and I had such a good feeling about this one! But I didn’t get the job. It blew […]

Another Job Interview FAIL

Yesterday’s interview was an epic fail. Big shocker, I know. My anxiety level was on ten before I even got to the place. I had never been to this area on my own before and I had no clue where I was going. Google Maps got me lost a little but eventually, I found my […]

Query Updates + Hanging in There

Don’t get excited, I don’t have any good news about the manuscript I queried last month. Besides that one rejection I received merely hours after I’d queried, I’ve heard nothing back. Now, granted, it’s only been a month and some agents require 2-3 months before they respond. Still, this sucks. I can’t recall how long […]

Querying Manuscripts + My Depression

Excellent news, everyone! I’m in the final proofread of Novel #2 and will hopefully be submitting queries to agents by tomorrow! Also: my depression came back. Maybe ‘came back’ isn’t the right term. Flare up is more like it. Or triggered or whatever. I think I’ve accepted my depression is something that’s always in the […]