Twitter Pitching Party Results

Happy #pitmad day, everybody! And the big question: how did I fair in today’s twitter pitch party? I didn’t participate. I know, I know, but let me explain. Yesterday, I had all three of my tweets ready to go for #pitmad (if you dk what pitmad is, it’s basically an event where you pitch your […]

GET READY FOR IT + Cover Reveal

It’s HERE!!!!! FIYAH Lit Mag Issue 6: Big Mama Nature Cover+Table of Contents I’m so excited for the new issue of FIYAH Literary Magazine to drop on April 1st! My short story “Furious Girls” is in it! Black girls. Rage. Fire. It’s going down and you’ll get to read all about it when you purchase […]

Signed a Contract + Twitter is Evil

First things first, no, I didn’t sign a contract with an agent. My queries are still sitting in slush piles somewhere. But I did sign a contract for a short story forthcoming in Fiyah Lit Magazine’s 6th issue. I found out a few days ago that my piece had been accepted. I was very excited. […]

Query Updates + Hanging in There

Don’t get excited, I don’t have any good news about the manuscript I queried last month. Besides that one rejection I received merely hours after I’d queried, I’ve heard nothing back. Now, granted, it’s only been a month and some agents require 2-3 months before they respond. Still, this sucks. I can’t recall how long […]

Returning to Writing After a Long Break

Today marked my semi-official return to writing since I started working. I’ve been doing the occasional blog post and journaling, even wrote a short story, but I haven’t really sat down to work on my novel in weeks. As expected, my first day back was not as spectacular as I’d hoped. In my head, I […]

I Got Rejected + Starting Novel #3

Yep, it’s about that time. I had a really great day today! Made a little money at work and worked on my fellowship application. It’s been a few days since I sent my manuscript out and I’m ready to start on Novel #3! Motivation level is on 10 right now so I’m striking the iron […]

Querying Manuscripts + My Depression

Excellent news, everyone! I’m in the final proofread of Novel #2 and will hopefully be submitting queries to agents by tomorrow! Also: my depression came back. Maybe ‘came back’ isn’t the right term. Flare up is more like it. Or triggered or whatever. I think I’ve accepted my depression is something that’s always in the […]

Editing That Old Novel You Forgot About!

We all have one. Or two, or four or ten. Those old novels/short stories that we put away to collect dust. The idea was lame, it was too hard to finish, we didn’t like the end result, etc. But there may come a time when you feel ready to work on it again. I can’t […]