After 4 Months, an Agent Responds

Today has been a very bad day. My depression took a severe nose dive and it hasn’t been pretty. But to make matters worse, I finally got a response from an agent I queried back on January 10th. Her profile said she responds to all queries within 2 months and that if you don’t hear […]

Query Update + Depression

Since my last post, I received two rejections from agents I queried. I gotta be honest, they don’t sting at all when you’ve got 5 fulls and a partial out. I’ve also gotten a crap ton of rejections from jobs and agents this past year so I don’t really care anymore. As far as the […]

Taking a Break From My Novel FORREAL

Last night, I had a meltdown/epiphany about writing. For the past couple of years, I’ve been equating happiness with publishing a book. I seriously believed that if I achieved that goal, I’d be happy. That’s why I felt so pressured to be produce good work and find an agent. Why I felt so envious of […]


So for what feels like the 170’th time, I’m revising manuscript #2. It’s still on query with a few agents but I’m honestly not expecting anything positive to come from those. It sucks. Major ass. But a story can always be made better. After recieving a query critique, I decided that I needed to start […]