My New Job + Agent Rejection

I’m back! I know it’s been a few days but I’ve been so tired adjusting to my work schedule. It’s a 10min walk to the train station, a 40min train ride, another 10 minute walk to work. In the blazing sun. I sweat a lot so I have to change into my work clothes when […]

Rejection #56789-I suck at this

So I think that was full rejection #3 for manuscript #2. I’m pretty down because this agent really liked my last manuscript and had a lot of constructive feedback when they passed. I thought manuscript #2 would work but…it didn’t. I have maybe 3 more fulls out but I’m honestly thinking everyone will pass in […]

Why I’m Unfollowing YA Twitter

Zetta Elliott “No More Becky Books” If you follow the young adult writing community on twitter, you, too, probably came across this week’s latest hot button topic. It all stemmed from the article above by Zetta Elliott (definitely read it if you haven’t yet). The question that’s now being debated on Twitter between black authors: […]

My Short Story: “Furious Girls”

Click HERE to purchase Fiyah Lit Mag’s Big Mama Nature Issue, full of speculative stories and poetry by black authors! And of course, my short story “Furious Girls”. Black girls. Fire. Rage. “Amberjack is a Furious Girl, rejected by her family and the town of Onyx Falls for her anger, which manifests as flame. But […]

25 Facts About Me<3

Hey everybody! I saw someone else do this ‘tag’ and thought I’d join in on the fun. I’m sort of failing at blogmas I’ll try to keep up! 1. I just turned 27 years old in November and I feel like time moves way too fast! 2. I have a ten year old staffordshire bull […]